Practice Area Overview

Big Firm Skills and Experience — Small Firm Service

For 40 years, I have helped clients throughout the United States appeal their property taxes. Having formerly practiced for 22 years in one of Michigan's premier law firms, I offer clients the skills and experience of a big firm combined with the personalized service of a small legal setting.

The process of appealing your property tax can be time-consuming and tedious. Contact my office and I can guide you through it

My practice is limited exclusively to property tax appeals. As a property tax attorney , it is my job to help individuals, investors, and businesses lower their taxes on properties that may be worth significantly less than their assessed values.

How Are Property Taxes Assessed?

Property taxes are meant to be ad valorem , which is to say based on the value of the property. A property tax assessor places both an assessed and taxable value on a property, often based on what it would cost to replace the property. This assessed and/or taxable value of the property directly relates to the amount of property tax each property owner pays. Yet, unless a property is newly constructed, the assessor's replacement cost frequently overstates the property's value.

Issues with property taxes lie with whether the property is really worth what the assessor says it is. What is the property's fair market value (FMV), as opposed to its replacement cost? This question is especially important for industrial and commercial taxpayers with multiple business locations , such as retail chains.

How Can You Help Me With a Property Tax Appeal?

I work with clients who own income-producing property , holders of owner-occupied commercial and industrial property, and residential property owners. Business owners who lease their business premises pursuant to leases requiring them to pay the owner's property taxes constitute a significant portion of my client base. I also represent many homeowners, condominium associations, owners of vacant properties and owners of golf courses .

I can smoothly guide you through the process of filing and prosecuting a property tax appeal . I have numerous contacts and relationships throughout the area, which often allows the appeals I handle to be discussed in an amicable forum. However, I know how to play hardball if necessary.

Contact My Plymouth, Michigan Office

I am available to meet with you to discuss your property tax appeal needs Monday through Friday from 9-6. Evening and weekend times are available by appointment.

I offer a free initial consultation . Ninety-eight percent of my work is done on a contingent-fee basis. In such cases, you are only responsible for paying out-of-pocket costs for such things as filing fees. At the end of your case, my fee is one third of the amount of any taxes I saved for you.

Contact me at 734-335-1967 or online for more information or to schedule an appointment.