Income-Producing Property

Plymouth, Michigan Commercial Property Appeal Attorney

Industrial and commercial properties, including apartments, that are wholly or partially leased are income producing properties. As the owner of income producing property in Michigan your property tax amount may be based on its replacement cost or on sales of other similarly classed properties.

There are times when either or both bases may result in taxes that are unfair or unjust because all real property is unique. A value based upon the rental income the property produces is often more accurate and beneficial to the owner. I can help you determine if it is in your best interest to file an appeal to reduce the amount of taxes you owe and preserve your hard-earned income.

The process of appealing your property tax can be tedious and time-consuming. Contact my office and I can guide you through it.

Having worked as a commercial property appeals attorney for income producing property owners or tenants For 40 years, I have helped various clients throughout the United States work to reduce their property taxes. My current satisfied income producing property appeal clients include several large chains and real estate investors.

Commercial Property Tax Appeals Process

My income-producing property clients usually come to me after receiving an assessment notice indicating the amount which will be used to determine their property taxes for the year.

In analyzing operating data and rent rolls, I determine whether or not I recommend filing a property appeal. At the same time, I use my access to various databases to provide comparable sales and listing information to see if an appeal should be based on square foot or unit values.

Combined with my resources and experience, I work with several qualified appraisers who assist me in ensuring we pursue all applicable options for reducing your tax amounts.

Time Is of the Essence

For commercial or industrial properties, appeals must be filed with the Michigan Tax Tribunal by May 31st. Appeals are filed against the city or township where the property is located.

Because cases are handled on a first come, first served-basis, it may take a couple of years to get to a hearing. You can rely on me to stay by your side throughout the length of the process.

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I am available to meet with you to discuss your property tax appeal needs Monday through Friday from 9-6. Evening and weekend times are available by appointment.

I offer a free initial consultation . Ninety-eight percent of my work is done on a contingent-fee basis. In such cases, you are only responsible for paying out-of-pocket costs for such things as filing fees. At the end of your case, I receive one third of the amount of taxes I saved for you as a fee.

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