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Recent Cases

Two recent settlements illustrate the success I have had in proving that golf courses are often overassessed and in successfully petitioning for a substantial reduction in property taxes through a property tax appeal.

One case involved a resort golf course in “Up North Country,” and the other, a course in Oakland County. I was successful in negotiating assessment reductions of 50% for the resort course and 75% for the Oakland County location. Both settlements saved the clients thousands of dollars in annual property taxes. More importantly, the settlements set the base taxable value upon which future CPI increases will be applied, generating thousands more in future tax savings unreduced by further legal fees. Indeed, for the aforementioned owners, it will be a minimum of 10 to 15 years before the taxable values can get back to where they were when the appeals were started.

Why were such dramatic reductions obtained? The reason lies in the difference between the historical methodology behind the assessor’s development of the golf course valuation and the real world. To learn more, please see my page on golf courses and alternate land valuation methods or contact my office to schedule a free consultation.  

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