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When you need to appeal your property tax assessment, you want experience on your side. With over 40 years of experience, I can guide you where you need to go.
Handling Property Tax Appeals In Plymouth, Michigan For Over 40 Years

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You Have A Right To Fair Property Taxes

You work hard to “live the American dream.” Being successful and owning a home or business should serve as a reward for all you’ve achieved. However, sometimes the government unjustly or incorrectly taxes homeowners, tenants and businesspeople on the property they’ve worked to obtain or lease. Whether you own a golf course, an apartment building or a chain retail store, I can help you obtain the correct tax assessment.

I am Randall P. Whatley, founder of Randall P. Whately, PLLC. For over 40 years, I have helped clients throughout the United States reduce their property taxes, imposed by ad valorem taxation. I have successfully saved money for multitudes of home and business owners on industrial, residential and commercial properties. My past representation of companies such as Rite Aid, 7-Eleven, AutoZone, Family Video, Chuck E. Cheese and Panera Bread has given me experience and contacts throughout all parts of the State of Michigan.

Over-Taxed? Not On My Watch.

Having worked for Michigan’s premier property tax law firm for over 22 years before opening my own firm, I offer the skill and experience of a large firm, combined with the personal service only a small firm can offer. Property tax appeals are all I do, giving me a depth of knowledge and experience few other attorneys can offer in southeast Michigan.

My community contacts and the relationships I’ve developed over more than 40 years often allow me to negotiate my appeal cases in an amicable forum, but I have the experience to play hardball, if necessary.

As your attorney, I am prepared to provide you with quality property tax appeal representation pertaining to residential or commercial property taxes. I will fight for proper assessments and fair property taxes.

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I meet with all potential clients in a free initial consultation to discuss how I can help you or your business with your property tax matter. Contact me today by calling 734-335-1967 or sending an online message using the form below.