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Consider Alternate Land Valuation Methods for Golf Courses

One common way to determine the value of a golf course is by using the cost approach. To do this, a Michigan tax assessor will determine the tax liability of a golf course by adding the land value with the cost of improvements and subtracting depreciation. However, this doesn’t always give an accurate picture of a property’s fair market value.

If you were part of this trend and now believe the tax assessment for your golf course is unfairly inflated, please contact my law office, Randall P. Whately, PLLC, to schedule a free consultation to discuss a property tax appeal.

I can help you determine the actual value, which may help you save a significant amount of money in annual or quarterly taxes.

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Why the Proper Valuation of Golf Courses Matters

In many cases, whole golf courses were purchased by residential developers who simply plowed over the golf course to build subdivisions. Many of these developments included developing the golf courses and then constructing high priced residential units around it. Developers were willing to pay high prices because they were able to get a return on their investment plus their profit from the sale of the housing units alone.

However, with huge land values in hand, the assessors would then often add the cost to construct the improvements and subtract the physical depreciation, which was based primarily on the useful life of the clubhouse. Because of the excess of golf courses and the decline in residential land values throughout the last 15 years, many golf courses were left with inflated tax bills.

As your attorney, I can help you determine the best way to evaluate your property’s value and pursue a property tax appeal if that’s the best solution for you.

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